My name is Mikkel Trebbien, I'm born in 1988, and educated Web-Integrator.
My main skills will be found within HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL.
I've learned myself, to setup and manage a server, whether it's a VPS, or a dedicated server.
When developing websites, I use my Raspberry PI 4 microcomputer.


Name Mikkel Trebbien, born Andi Hansen
Origin Denmark, Northern Europe
Languages learned Danish & English
Languages self-taught Norwegian & Swedish
Languages self-learning Dutch & Russian
Education Web-Integrator (PHP)
Occupation Unoccupied


Skill Educated Self-taught
PHP Yes No
CSS Yes No
Javascript Very little Yes
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) No No
Ubuntu No Yes
Server setup Little Mainly
Server maintenance No Yes


Education Start Educated / exit Completed
Auto Mechanic August 2005 October 2005 No
Media Graphics October 2005 December 2005 No
Storage Operator January 2006 February 2006 No, too much illness
Web-Integrator (PHP) August 2010 October 2012 Yes

Certificates & Licenses

Certificate / License Achieved
Vehicle License B 2008
Fork-lift cat A 2008
Vehicle License B+E (+trailer) 2009